Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Minor

Program Description

This minor is an interdisciplinary program for undergraduate students who desire more in-depth study than can be obtained in one or a few courses on the changing statuses, issues, problems, and future prospects of all genders in contemporary society. The interdisciplinary nature of this program integrates the study of intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality in multicultural and global contexts. This program is designed to complement undergraduate study programs in the University.

Students who select this minor must consult and have approval of the program advisor to establish a plan of study. This should be done prior to completing 6 hours of coursework listed for the program. The minor plan must be filed with an academic advisor in the College of Liberal Arts and certified prior to application for graduation by the Dean of the College in which the major study degree will be awarded.

Program Requirements

A minimum of 18 semester hours selected from the following courses is required for the minor. Topics courses1 may be taken for credit when the announced content is appropriate to the minor. At least 12 of the hours must be at the upper division level and 12 must be taken at A&M-Corpus Christi.

Required Courses
WGST 3301Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (open to all students)3
Select 15 hours from the following:15
Topics in Art History 1
Selected Topics 1
Current Topics in Business Law 1
Gender Communication
Intercultural Communication
Women and Criminal Justice 1
Intimate Relationship Violence 1
Language and Gender
British Literature since 1800
Language in Society 1
Technologies and Cultures of the Book
Major Authors 1
Gender, Sexuality and Literature
Race and Ethnicity in Literature
Topics in Literary Studies 1
United States Women's History
Mexican American Women's History
Topics in History
The History of Sexuality in the West
Sexuality in Health Education
Advanced Topics in Mexican American Studies 1
Dimensions in Nursing 1
Women and Politics
Human Sexuality
Gender Issues in Psychology
Feminism & Science
Topics in Psychology 1
Social Problems
Sociology of Gender
Mexican American Women
Sociology of the Family
Topics in Spanish 1
Total Hours18

Courses with a one (1) must be approved by a program coordinator. 


WGST 2301  Introduction to LGBTQIA+ Studies  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

More than just a banner for identity politics, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and two spirit (LGBTQIA2S+) studies offers us a way of understanding the contemporary U.S. colonial nation-state and imagining otherwise. Drawing from foundational queer theory, legal and medical history, and queer cultural productions (film and literature), this course asks: How have LGBTQIA2S+ thinkers sought change and justice? What does a queer future look like? And how can queer theory reimagine the world?

WGST 3301  Introduction to Women and Gender Studies  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

An introduction to the study of women and gender across disciplines and cultures. Designed to engage students in some of the most important methodological and theoretical debates regarding women's experiences and the construction of knowledge about women historically and today. Literary, anthropological, sociological, historical, scientific, and managerial perspectives may be included.

WGST 4380  Senior Seminar in Women and Gender Studies  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

This seminar explores the relationship between theory and application in the field of women and gender studies. This includes the study of feminist theories and methodologies with special attention to the application of these to current debates and social issues. In addition, students must complete a research paper or applied experience project that is relevant for their major field of study.