Black Studies, Minor

Program Description

Black Studies is an interdisciplinary field that includes arts, history, sciences, geography, literature, sociology, and political science, amongst other disciplines. This field explores the history and lived experience of people of African descent, their shared experiences, contributions, victories, and struggles. The main goal of the Black Studies program is to encourage learning, reflection, and knowledge production centered on the histories and experiences of Black people. Students will be introduced to the reconnecting ideologies, social movements, migrations, creations, experiences, and rediscoveries that make up the links in history, politics, and the culture of African Americans as well as Black people in Africa and around the world.


The Black Studies Minor requires a minimum of 18 hours of designated coursework. Students who select this minor should consult with and have approval of the Black Studies Coordinator. Student must meet with an Academic Advisor to establish a degree plan. This should be done prior to completing more than 6 semester hours of coursework listed for the program.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students are expected to develop knowledge of major historical, political, scientific, literary, and artistic themes, topics, or concepts in Black Studies. This includes demonstrating their awareness of Black American, African diasporic, and African identities, languages, civilizations, technologies, practices, and cultures across the globe. This includes demonstrating awareness of the variety, complexity, and importance of multiple linguistic traditions and histories in shaping African diasporic identities, helping foster cultural insights and increasing intercultural understanding.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the social processes of racialization and its implications. Students will demonstrate their awareness of the social construction of racialized identities and be able to describe how the concept of race is a cultural invention with material effects.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
BLKS 2300Introduction to Black Studies3
Pick one from the following:3
Black Writers
Social Problems
Pick four from the following:12
Intercultural Communication
Language in Society
Race and Ethnicity in Literature
Topics in Graphic Design (The Black and Latinx Experience in Design)
The History of Sexuality in the West
History of Jazz
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Total Hours18