Social Work, Minor

Program Description

This minor is an interdisciplinary program for undergraduate students who are interested in the field of social work or social services and want more in-depth study in this area than other courses provide. This program is designed to complement undergraduate study programs at the University.

The purpose of the minor is to give students a basic understanding of social work practice. This includes the history, function, and processes with emphasis on skill application.

Social work is concerned with human well-being. Social workers help people function within their environment and work for improved social conditions. They provide services to people in areas such as counseling, education, health, mental healthcare, public welfare.  In addition, providing services to the aged, for the intellectually disabled, family services, criminal justice and child welfare services.

Program Requirement

To obtain a minor in social work, the student must declare a minor with their academic advisor and complete the 18 semester hours required for a minor, 12 hours of which must be upper division courses. The minor also requires an additional two elective courses from those listed below in social work, psychology, sociology, or criminal justice. However, the elective courses may not overlap with coursework in the student's declared major (e.g. a psychology major cannot take two psychology electives to meet the social work minor requirement).

The student must complete the 12 hours of social work classes listed below.

Required Courses
SOCW 2361Introduction to Social Work3
SOCW 2362Social Welfare as a Social Institution3
SOCW 3320Social Services in the Community3
SOCW 3350Social Work Practice3
Select 6 hours from the following areas: 16
Social Work
Applied Experience
Lifespan Developmental Psychology *
Health Psychology *
Psychology of Personality *
Abnormal Psychology *
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Cross-cultural Psychology *
Gender Issues in Psychology
Topics course by Department Approval
Topics in Psychology
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Sociology of Gender
Mexican American Women
Sociology of the Family
Power, Privilege, and Poverty ^
Topics course by Department Approval
Topics in Sociology
Criminal Justice
Juvenile Delinquency
Intimate Relationship Violence
Topics course by Department Approval
Topics in Criminal Justice
Total Hours18

The electives for this minor must be selected outside your major. Any electives not included in the list below must have prior approval by your Social Work advisor.


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Blended offering


SOCW 2361  Introduction to Social Work  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

An introductory survey of the field of social work including the nature, function, and types of social work practice. This course is designed to acquaint the student with the history, terminology, scope, and values of the profession of social work.

SOCW 2362  Social Welfare as a Social Institution  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

This course offers a historical and contemporary examination of legislation and resulting programs, policies, and services in the context of the social welfare system in the United States. Special attention is given to the political, economic, environmental, and societal conditions that prompted the development of legislation to meet the needs of vulnerable populations. Societal responses to legislation are also considered (SOCW 2362 is included in the Social Work Field of Study).

Prerequisite: SOCW 2361.

SOCW 3320  Social Services in the Community  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

An introduction to the organizations and agencies involved in social service delivery. Exploration of the range and characteristics of the human service delivery system with particular emphasis on the social work profession.

Prerequisite: SOCW 2362.

SOCW 3340  Child Welfare  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the dynamics of child maltreatment and the impact on children who are exposed to abuse and neglect. Topics addressed in the course include history of maltreatment, family role/responsibilities, impact of trauma, types of abuse, reporting, and legal responses to child abuse and foster care.

Prerequisite: SOCW 2361.

SOCW 3350  Social Work Practice  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

Social Work practice from a generalist perspective of social work intervention. Data collection, assessment, intervention, planning/implementation, and evaluation are covered.

Prerequisite: SOCW 2361.

SOCW 3375  Social Work with Diverse Populations  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

This course examine theoretical, political, historical, cultural, and economic issues related to diverse populations. Special emphasis on social work practice with oppressed populations, societal forces that promote discriminatory and oppressive values, beliefs and attitudes.

Prerequisite: SOCW 2361.

SOCW 4396  Directed Individual Study  
1-3 Semester Credit Hours  

See College description.

SOCW 4398  Applied Experience  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

One semester course of field work in a selected agency. (See college description.