Operations Management (OPSY)

OPSY 5315  Operations Management  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

Study of operations of manufacturing and service organizations. Introduction to operational design and control issues such as forecasting, capacity planning, facility location and layout, quality, JIT/lean philosophies and materials requirement planning. Emphasis on developing an operational strategy linking functional areas. Includes international, environmental, legal, and ethical aspects of operations.

Prerequisite: ORMS 5310.

OPSY 5370  Seminar  
1-3 Semester Credit Hours (1-3 Lecture Hours)  

in an identified topic in Operations Management. May be repeated for significantly different topics with written permission from the Director of Master's Programs.

OPSY 5396  Directed individual Research Or Readings  
1-3 Semester Credit Hours  

Contact Director of Master's Programs.