College of Nursing and Health Sciences


The College of Nursing and Health Sciences, positively impacts the health of the global population through the education of health care leaders and providers of tomorrow, with innovative educational programs in the nursing and health professions. The College identifies, attracts, and graduates students of high potential, especially from groups who have been historically under-represented in the organization, and provision of health care. This work is enhanced through faculty contributions to community service, leadership, practice, and research. These activities are fostered in a collaborative, interprofessional, and multicultural learning environment, promoting a sense of community and caring.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences Goals

The goals of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences assist the College in implementing the University and College missions.

  1. To develop within the student the knowledge and skills necessary for beginning professional and advanced nursing practice, cultivating basic and specialized abilities needed to successfully pursue a career, and
  2. To promote the concept of nursing as caring and facilitate attainment of a care delivery system sensitive to multicultural communities and their health values, and
  3. To offer individuals the opportunity to increase the breadth and depth of the theoretical base for nursing practice, enhance and expand competence, prepare for role specialization and contribute to the discovery of new nursing knowledge, and
  4. To provide an educational environment of respect within which students may evolve as broadly educated, technology competent, responsible and accountable professionals dedicated to the principles of lifelong learning, and
  5. To build a foundation for life-long learning & systematic practice, and
  6. To serve the community as nursing experts, leaders and consultants in professional organizations, health promoters, providers of health care policy information and advocates of ethical distribution and usage of resources.

Graduate Program

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers course work leading to the Master of Science in Nursing degree, and the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. Additionally, the college offers graduate courses in Health Care Administration. All of the graduate nursing courses and several of the health care administration courses, are delivered through online technology only. Contact the Graduate Nursing Department Chair to confirm course delivery format.