College of Nursing and Health Sciences


The TAMUCC College of Nursing and Health Sciences is committed to promoting and inclusive, learner-centered, and caring environment that facilitates student success and engagement in a global context.  Delivering nationally-recognized, evidence-based educational programs, the college sets clinical standards of excellence in healthcare, and actively advances scholarly research and leadership.  The activities are fostered in a collaborative, inter-professional, and multicultural learning community.


Enriching lives, advancing healthcare, one Islander at a time.

CONHS Strategic Plan

Imperative 1: Enhance Educational Excellence

Objective 1.1: Sustain innovative curriculum and pedagogical approaches that epitomize student-centered interprofessional learning

Objective 1.2: Evaluate quality of programs through an enhanced comprehensive systematic process

Objective 1.3: Support teaching and learning faculty professional development opportunities

Imperative 2: Improve Student Experience

Objective 2.1: Retain and graduate high-quality students.

Objective 2.2: Expand focused student success strategies

Objective 2.3: Engage students and alumni in college activities

Imperative 3: Foster Outreach and Engagement

Objective 3.1: Coordinate efforts of the college to be better positioned to serve our community

Objective 3.2: Serve as regional resource for partners and stakeholders

Imperative 4: Expand Scholarship and Innovation Capacity

Objective 4.1: Engage faculty and students in innovative research and scholarship to advance healthcare

Objective 4.2: Strengthen community partnerships to improve health outcomes through evidence-based practice

Objective 4.3: Develop areas of excellence in scholarship and innovation through faculty and staff professional development