Leadership in Nursing Systems, Post-Masters Certificate

Program Description

Post-master’s certification is available for students that have earned their MSN Degree. Certification will allow registered nurses to expand their scope of practice beyond the role or population focus associated with their current credentials.

Registered nurses who earn a Post-Master’s certification in the Leadership in Nursing Systems specialty area of study will be able to

  • Apply their knowledge of leadership and management principles to foster change that supports the development of efficient and effective healthcare organizations.
  • Demonstrate competency in the planning, implementation and evaluation of work processes that support consistent achievement of desirable organizational and patient outcomes.

Students who complete post-master’s certification course work should meet requirements for national certification in the associated specialty area of practice.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
Role Specialization
NURS 5163Project Management for Nurse Leaders (1) *1
NURS 5261Human Capital Management (2) *2
NURS 5331Nursing informatics *3
NURS 5360/HCAD 5325Health Care Financial Management *3
NURS 5362Leadership Theories in Nursing Practice *3
NURS 5364Organizational Design and Behavior in Nursing Practice Environments *3
NURS 5365Quality and Outcomes Management *3
NURS 5469Patterns of Care Delivery (Capstone Course) *4
HCAD 5320Health Economics and Policy *3
HCAD 5330Health Law and Ethics *3
Total Hours28

Online offering