Fast Track Biomedical Sciences, BS to Biology, MS

Program Description

The university allows the opportunity for high-achieving students to waive a select number of undergraduate credits in order to obtain a graduate degree at an accelerated pace. Students interested in the Fast Track in Biomedical Sciences must meet the following application criteria:

  • Currently seeking a BS in Biomedical Sciences at A& M-Corpus Christi.
  • Minimum of a 2. 75 GPA in the BIOL 1406-07 and CHEM 1411-12 courses
  • Students must have a 3. 0 cumulative GPA (and a science and mathematics GPA of 3. 0) by the fifth (5th) semester of university enrollment, with successful completion of coursework in the following: Genetics, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II and two other upper-level courses (Physiology or Pathophysiology or Cell Biology).
  • Transfer students from Del Mar College, Alamo Colleges, Austin Community College or other two-year institutions may enter as juniors in the 5th semester if they have a 3. 0 or greater OR they meet one of the requirements below:
  • a GRE combined score of 300 OR
  • Grades of “B” or higher in the following courses or equivalents will allow entry into the program with two semesters to complete Organic Chemistry I and II, if they have both overall and science and mathematics GPA of 3. 0 or higher:
BIOL 1414 -1415 Intro to Biotechnology I and II8
BITC 2441 Molecular Biology Techniques OR BITC 1403 Principles of Biochemistry OR BITC 2431 Cell Culture Techniques4
BITC 2486 Internship4
  • a Major Field Test score in the four required Biology subsections of 153 or greater OR
  • one first author, peer-reviewed paper in a journal OR author on two peer-reviewed papers (any order).

If accepted to the Fast Track program, the student will be given permission to enroll in prescribed graduate courses during their last semester of undergraduate studies. Six hours of upper level undergraduate courses will “double-count” and will replace up to six graduate hours. Students will be allowed to continue enrollment in the graduate program upon successful completion of the undergraduate degree.

The BS and MS degrees will be awarded sequentially (i. e., upon completion of each degree) and not simultaneously.

In their undergraduate portion, students are strongly advised to take DIS (BIOL 4396/BIMS 4396) or the Research and Design course (BIOL 4350—3 SCH) or the Directed Independent Research (BIOL 4399 3-6 SCH, max 6) course to formulate a topic.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must provide the following at the time of application:

  • A completed application form. Application fees are waived for Fast Track applicants.
  • Official transcripts of all college and university coursework.
  • An essay (not more than 1000 words) describing educational and career goals and interests as they relate to program faculty.
  • A faculty member must be willing to serve as the chair of the applicant’s Graduate Advisory Committee and the applicant must include a summary of discussions with faculty members in their essay. Students must contact potential advisors prior to and during the application process to discuss research opportunities in faculty member labs.
  • Applicants who do not have a faculty member willing to serve as their committee chair at the time of the transition from BS to MS cannot remain in the program.
  • Official GRE scores by the time the student is reclassified to MS.

Revised Core BIMS Fast Track Courses

BIOL 2416Genetics4
BIOL 2421Microbiology4
BIOL 2300Science Communication2-3
or BIMS 2200 Professional Skills
CHEM 3411Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 3412Organic Chemistry II4
PHYS 1401General Physics I4
PHYS 1402General Physics II4
BIMS 3401Pathophysiology4
or BIOL 3430 Physiology
BIOL 3410Cell Biology4
CHEM 4401Biochemistry I4
BIMS 3403Molecular Biology4
BIMS 4406Immunology3-4
or BIOL 3345 Cell Physiology
MATH 3342Applied Probability and Statistics3-4
or MATH 1442 Statistics for Life
MATH 2413Calculus I3-4
or BIOL 3325 Biostatistics
Any two BIMS courses 16-8
Total Hours57-63

 (also see Table of Fast Track Transition courses: BIOL 3425 (Funct. Anat) OR BIMS 4333 (Med Entomol) or BIMS 4428 (Medicolegal Death) or BIMS 4334 (Hum Genet) OR BIMS 4335 (Endocrinol) OR any BIMS courses.

Fast Track Transition courses

A maximum of 6 SCH of coursework may be taken as graduate work. Courses should be taken in last semester of senior year.

BIMS 4410Histology4
or BIMS 5410 Cells and Tissues
BIOL 4304Biology of Viruses3
or BIOL 5304 Virology
BIMS 4323Neurobiology3
or BIMS 5323 Neurosciences
BIMS 4311Biology of Cancer3
or BIMS 5311 Principles of Oncology
BIMS 4327Introduction to Toxicology3
or BIMS 5327 Toxicology
BIOL 4340Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics3
or BIOL 5340 Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics
BIMS 4330Biological Basis of Aging3
or BIMS 5330 Biology of Aging
BIMS 4374Medical Microbiology3
or BIMS 5374 Molecular Medical Microbiology
BIMS 4375Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis3
or BIMS 5375 Microbial Pathogenesis
BIOL 4408Microbial Diversity and Ecology4
or BIOL 5408 Microbial Ecology
BIOL 4311Biological Bases of Behavior3
or BIOL 5311 Cellular Bases of Behavior

Any other 5000 and 6000-level courses would then be taken as graduate courses with the consent of the Graduate Advisory Committee.

Graduate Required Courses for MS

MATH 6315Statistical Methods in Research I3
BIOL 5392Thesis Proposal3
BIOL 5393Thesis Research3
BIOL 5394Thesis Submission3
BIOL 5102Graduate Defense Seminar1
Plus 23 SCH minimum23
Total Hours36