Coastal Resilience Certificate

Program Description

The Certificate in Coastal Resilience is designed to provide students with an in-depth introduction to the effects of the coastal environment on buildings and infrastructure.  The certificate program will build on lessons learned, including examples of two different types of damages that occurred during Hurricane Harvey in 2017: wind damages experienced by Coastal Bend area communities and flood damages experienced by Houston area communities.  The courses in the certificate program will address topics including structural resistance to wind loading, hydraulics and hydrology in the context of water retention, and remote sensing.  The Capstone Projects course will include case studies aimed at encouraging students to explore innovative solutions to the challenges encountered by coastal communities under extreme weather conditions.  Students in the TAMU-CC Civil Engineering Bachelor of Science (BS-CEEN) program will be able to complete the Coastal Resilience Certificate while completing their BS degrees by taking the required Capstone Project course ENGR 4370 and the three specific courses listed below as the three technical elective courses (9 hours) required in the BS-CEEN program. All students admitted into the Coastal Resilience Certificate Program must meet the undergraduate admission requirements for TAMU-CC and must satisfy all prerequisites for courses in the certificate program.   Transfer credit for some required courses may be considered.  Students are expected to meet all other academic standards. Students must apply for the certificate and complete a Certificate Plan approved by the Director of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences or a designee.

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Program Requirements

Required Courses
CEEN 4302Remote Sensing3
CEEN 4312Hydraulics and Hydrology3
CEEN 4322Geotechnical Engineering II – Coastal Environment3
ENGR 4370Capstone Projects3
Total Hours12

Note: Students must earn at least a 2.5 overall grade point average in certificate courses.