English as a Second Language, Minor

Program Description

The English as a Second Language (ESL) minor is designed to provide foundational and experiential knowledge of the pedagogy and professional responsibilities of teaching and supporting Emergent Bilingual student populations in K-12 education. Throughout this course of study students will demonstrate a depth of knowledge of language acquisition with a special reference to implication for bilingual learners, the philosophical and legal foundations of bilingual schooling in the United State and Texas through a socio-historical approach and the effects of culture on psychological development. Additionally, student will effectively apply the methodologies and techniques for teaching and assessing Emergent Bilinguals.  

Program Requirements

Required Courses
BIEM 4344The Bilingual Child, Culture, & the Social Studies Curriculum3
BIEM 4345Language Acquisition and Development3
BIEM 4357Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language3
BIEM 4360Foundations in Bilingualism3
ENGL 3340Grammar3
ENGL 3367TESOL Seminar3
Total Hours18