Nurse Educator, Post-Masters Certificate

Program Description

Post-master’s certification is available for students that have earned their MSN Degree. Certification will allow registered nurses to expand their scope of practice beyond the role or population focus associated with their current credentials.

Registered nurses who earn a Post-Master’s certification in the Nurse Educator specialty area of study will be able to

  • Apply advanced practice skills in academic and/or clinical education and teaching.
  • Demonstrate competency in curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation through the application of relevant education principles.

Students who complete post-master’s certification course work should meet requirements for national certification in the associated specialty area of practice.

Program Requirements 

Required Courses
Role Specialization
NURS 5324Health Assessment for Advanced Practice *3
NURS 5326Advanced Physiology with Pathophysiological Applications *3
NURS 5351Advanced Pharmacological Concepts for Nursing Educators *3
NURS 5352Nursing Curriculum Planning, Development, and Evaluation *3
NURS 5353Theory and Concepts for the Nurse Educator *3
NURS 5354Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation in Nursing *3
NURS 5355Instructional Teaching Strategies *3
NURS 5459Education Practicum for the Nurse Educator *4
Total Hours25

Online offering