Literacy Coaching Transcripted Certificate

Program Description

The Literacy Coach Graduate Transcripted Certificate Program is designed to develop educators’ skills in providing professional learning opportunities for individual or groups of teachers in prekindergarten through 12 educational settings. Fifteen (15) hours of courses in literacy leadership, stages and standards, assessment, and reading practicum will help educators develop expertise in literacy coaching under the supervision of reading faculty. This certificate meets the 2017 International Literacy Association’s Standards for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals. This certificate is not a state or national licensing program and will be embedded in the Master of Reading program. It will include 85 literacy coaching observation and practicum hours.

Can be offered in conjunction with other graduate degree programs (e.g., MS Reading, MS C&I, EdD Ed Leadership, MS Early Childhood, PhD C&I, MS Special Education).

Admission Requirements

This program is designed to support prekindergarten through 12th grade teachers who already hold initial educator certification. Students who enroll in this certification program may also simultaneously be seeking a master’s or doctoral degree in one of the fields listed in the program name above; however, the certification program can also be a standalone program. Students seeking this certification must have three (3) years of full-time teaching experience in the prekindergarten through grade 12 public, private, or charter school.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
READ 5345Stages and Standards for Reading Development3
or READ 6345 Stages and Standards for Reading Development
READ 5372Classroom Assessment and instruction3
or READ 6372 Classroom Assessment and instruction
READ 5395Leadership and Literacy3
or READ 6395 Leadership and Literacy
READ 5697Reading Practicum6
or READ 6697 Reading Clinic Practicum
Total Hours15