International Business, Certificate

Program Description

(for Business and Non-Business Majors) 

This certificate provides students with exposure to the global dimension of business. Exploration of global ideas and issues provides students with the knowledge and skills that enhance their ability to compete in today’s complex work environment.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
Select at least two of the following:6
Multinational Entities: Accounting and Consolidations
International Economic Issues
International Finance
Multinational Management
International Marketing
International Business
Total Hours6

In addition, the student must participate in a College of Business qualified international travel experience as part of their academic degree.

The student will receive a printed certificate from the College of Business upon completion of the requirements. Completion of the certificate will not appear on the student’s transcript. All course work will be included on the student’s transcript.

Course Sequencing

Certificate Coordinator: Dr. Randall Harris

Students should take the courses in the following sequence to complete in the most timely manner:

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
MGMT 4315 Multinational Management 3
Or equivalent
ECON 3315 International Economic Issues 3
Or equivalent
Second Year
Qualified International Travel Experience
 Total Hours6


BUSI 0010  Orientation to Online Learning  
0 Semester Credit Hours  

This non-credit, no-cost, self-paced web-based course introduces new online MBA and new online Master of Accountancy students to successful online learning practices and the Blackboard Learn environment.

BUSI 0011  Cob Student Code of Ethics and Plagiarism  
0 Semester Credit Hours  

The emphasis of this non-credit, web-based course is educational. It covers the provisions in the COB Student Code of Ethics and covers information related to the issue of plagiarism. It prepares business majors to successfully complete an online test to meet a requirement for graduation.

BUSI 0088  Graduation Requirements Review  
0 Semester Credit Hours  

The purpose of this non-credit, web-based course is educational.  This no cost course provides important information to prepare students for a successful progression toward graduation.

Prerequisite: MGMT 3312.

Co-requisite: MGMT 3310.  
BUSI 1310  Introduction to the Business Environment  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

An overview of the nature of business and its environment. Emphasizes the dynamic role of business in everyday life and its importance to society. Not open to Juniors or Seniors majoring in business.

TCCNS: BUSI 1301  
BUSI 4310  International Business  
3 Semester Credit Hours (3 Lecture Hours)  

An understanding of international business including its importance in today's world, the evolution of international institutions and the monetary system, the differences and similarities among nations and cultures, and the special characteristics of the business functions in a global setting.