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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, BM with EC-12 Teacher Certification

Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification

This is the appropriate professional degree for students who seek careers in elementary and/or secondary music education. Degree tracks in vocal/general and instrumental music are available. This degree leads to Texas EC-12 teacher certification in music.

The Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification curriculum has been designed to insure reasonable competence in all graduates, but it is rigorous and time consuming. Although the program can be completed in 9 regular semesters, it requires very heavy course loads to do so. Students whose personal learning styles do not respond well to such pressure, or those who must continue partial employment, should consider attending several summer sessions and/or extending their programs to 10 full semesters. In all cases, however, students are strongly urged to consult with the Music Department Chair or their assigned faculty advisor prior to beginning the program and frequently throughout.

All students seeking the Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification degree must complete a 122 hr. set of Common Requirements consisting of the Core Curriculum Program (45 hrs.), Common Musicianship coursework (40 hrs.), Common Pedagogy Core (10 hrs.), and Professional Development (27 hrs.). In addition, a 10 hr. Track Specific Techniques Block must be completed.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student will:

  • be able to assess and critique student performances
  • have knowledge of music theory, history, literature, and culture
  • be able to structure and apply appropriate music pedagogy to form effective instruction in classrooms or ensembles

Specific Degree Requirements

All music majors must meet all general University and College graduation requirements, including Computer Literacy and First Year Seminars, regardless of the following specific degree requirements, unless specifically excused. All music degrees require MUSI 1307 - Elements of Musical Style , which also meets the Core Curriculum Program Fine Arts requirement. No music coursework with a grade lower than “C” will be counted toward the completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Music, the Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification, or the Bachelor of Music in Performance.

Degree Requirements

  Sem. Hrs.
  1. Core Curriculum Program
  2. First-Year Seminars (when applicable)*
  3. Major Requirements
  4. Professional Development
  5. Teacher Certification Requirements
  Total 132 (134)

*First-Year Seminars

Full-time, first-year students are required to take the following courses:

Appropriate 6-semester sequence (8 hrs.) of

  • Principal Applied Studio courses in one performance area.

Minimum of 4 hrs. of appropriate large ensemble


*Students with adequate keyboard skills may substitute Secondary Piano Studio courses for Class Piano I-IV with permission of the Music Department Chair.

Total Teacher Certification Music Core: 41 hrs.

Total Teacher Certification Common Pedagogy Core: 10 hrs.

Total Professional Development Sequence: 27 hrs.

Track-Specific Techniques Block: Vocal/General

Total Vocal/General Track-Specific Techniques Block: 9 hrs.

Total Music Teacher Certification, Vocal/General Track: 132 hrs.


*Students are NOT required to take the instrumental techniques course that includes their own major instrument.

Total Instrumental Track-Specific Techniques Block: 9 hrs.

Total Music Teacher Certification, Instrumental Track: 132 hrs.

Other Certification Requirements

For more information on teacher certification requirements, see the College of Education section of this catalog. Students should also consult the Certification Office of the College of Education for complete and current information about teacher certification requirements.

Upon satisfactory completion of all subject field and professional development courses, a student may register for the subject field certification examination, called TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards). A student wishing to take the TExES prior to program completion must satisfy the following:

  1. Make pre-specified acceptable scores on TExES practice tests, or departmental equivalent, and participate in practice test review and analysis session.
  2. Provide official permit with signature of Department Chair or designated person for each teaching field on the student’s certification plan.

Students must also qualify to take the Professional Development TExES.