Oct 26, 2020  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Economics, BBA

Economics Major

The economics major is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the theory and applications of economics in preparation for their chosen profession. Possible career opportunities for graduates include entry-level positions as research and financial analysts in the business and government sectors; and brokerage and currency traders in the financial and banking sectors. In addition, the economics major offers an excellent preparation for graduate studies in law, economics and other business disciplines.

Student Learning Outcome: Students will demonstrate an understanding of contemporary economic theories and policy considerations in a domestic and international context.

Complete the Business Foundation Curriculum in the freshman and sophomore years.

BBA Student Learning Goals and Objectives

G1.  To Be Effective Communicators

 O1.  Students will demonstrate the ability to identify the   appropriate message purpose, select appropriate organization, provide sufficient supporting details, and use effective mechanics.

O2.  Students will demonstrate the ability to prepare (content, presentation and media) and deliver (verbally and nonverbally) a professional presentation. 

G2.  To Be Competent in Business Practices

O1.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of key business theories and concepts and will apply these business theories and concepts correctly.

O2.  Students demonstrate the ability to incorporate theories, concepts, and practices across multiple disciplines to produce practical answers.

O3.  Students will effectively analyze data.

G3.  To Be Good Decision Makers

O1.  Students will demonstrate the ability to identify valid, reliable and important information applicable to the issue being studied.

O2.  Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze multiple responses to issues.

O3.  Students will demonstrate the ability to determine and support an appropriate decision.

G4.  To Be Good Citizens

O1.  Students will demonstrate the ability to identify ethical concepts.

In addition, all Economics Majors will demonstrate the ability to identify relevent (valid, reliable, and important) information to the issue being studied.


General Requirements for BBA Degree

All students seeking BBA must complete:

  Sem. Hrs.
A. Core Curriculum Program   42
B. First-Years Seminars (when applicable)* (2)
C. Business Core 45
D. Major Requirements 24
E. Electives 9
  Total 120 (122)

*Full-time, first time in college students are required to take the first-year seminars.

COB - University Core Curriculum Requirements

All Business majors are required to complete the following courses as part of their University Core Curriculum Program:

Total 42 sem. hrs.

Business Core Requirements

All Business Majors and Minors must complete the following course before or during their first semester enrolled in upper-division Business courses:

BUSI 0011 Cob Student Code of Ethics and Plagiarism*  0 sem. hrs.


Course prerequisites are strictly enforced.

**Higher level mathematics course may be accepted as a substitute with approval.

***ACCT 3315 may be taken as either International Business Course or as an Accounting Elective but not both.

Total 45 sem. hrs.

Major Requirements

Total 24 sem. hrs.

Elective Requirements

Additional Electives Required for all Business Majors:

  • Upper-level Business Elective 3 sem. hrs.
  • Business Elective 3 sem. hrs.
  • Non-Business Elective 3 sem. hrs.

Total 9 sem. hrs.