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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, BA

The undergraduate English program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi promotes the development of students’ analytic ability and critical understanding of language and written texts in English as well as their ability to compose texts in various genres through the study of literature, linguistics, and writing. English majors will choose an emphasis in Literary Studies or Writing Studies. The Literary Studies emphasis provides students with the skills to interpret and write about texts, including literary and filmic, within a range of historical and cultural contexts. The Writing Studies emphasis allows students to develop their abilities to use writing in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes, and to develop an understanding of how writing operates in the world, through studies in rhetoric, literacy, and writing. Both tracks give students skills as critical thinkers and communicators that will prepare them for a variety of different career paths, including law, business, teaching, and the sciences, as well as for graduate study.*

*Students can also earn certificates in TESOL and Writing for Non-Profits. The coursework necessary for both can be found under the “Certificates” section of the catalog.

Student Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze written texts in English from appropriate historical, social, and theoretical perspectives;
  • Respond analytically to literary works using appropriate critical terminology;
  • Analyze characteristics of one’s own writing in terms of discourse genres;
  • Produce academic research papers that effectively synthesize sources into coherent arguments; and 
  • Produce academic research papers that illustrate appropriate documentation skills.

The undergraduate English program offers a major in English, curricula for secondary English certification, minors in Literary Studies and Creative Writing and certificates in Writing for Non-Profits and TESOL. It also participates in the interdisciplinary minors of Technical and Professional Writing and Women and Gender Studies (see descriptions under “Interdisciplinary Minors”). Upper-level courses in writing studies, linguistics, and literature may satisfy requirements for other disciplines and serve as electives for non-majors who wish to improve their analytic, writing, and technical skills and to broaden their experiences in the liberal arts.

After successful completion of ENGL 1302  in partial fulfillment of the Communication component area of the core curriculum, students majoring in English should satisfy the requirement in the Language, Philosophy, and Culture component area by taking one of the following: ENGL 2316 , ENGL 2332 , ENGL 2333 , or SPAN 3307 , SPAN 3308 , SPAN 3309 , SPAN 3310 . The requirements of the Core Curriculum Program are described in a separate section of the catalog.

Degree Requirements

Literary Studies Emphasis or Writing Studies Emphasis: Sem. Hrs.
  1. University Core Curriculum Programs  
  2. First-Year Seminars (when applicable)*
  3. Major Requirements
  4. Supporting Coursework**
  5. Electives
  6. Foreign Language Requirements
  Total 120 (122)

*First-Year Seminars or Electives

**All English majors not seeking secondary teaching certification must successfully complete one semester of either HIST 2311 Western Civilization I  or HIST 2312 Western Civilization II 


Literary Studies Emphasis (48 semester hours):

In addition to the requirements listed above, students will also select courses from the following clusters:

Conventions, Forms, and Genres (6 hours)

Linguistics (6 hours - must include ENGL 3339):

Writing Studies (9 hours)

  • Choose from any 3000- and 4000-level Writing Studies courses listed in the catalog except capstone.

Writing Studies Emphasis (48 semester hours)

In addition to the requirements listed above, students will also select courses from the following clusters:

Choose additional Writing Studies courses from the above list of 3000- or 4000-level courses (6 hours)

Linguistics (6 hours, must include ENGL 3339)

Literary Studies (9 hours):

  • 1 course from Conventions, Forms, and Genres
  • 1 course from Literary History
  • 1 course from Literary and Cultural Studies