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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education (MAC), MS

Program Description

This degree is appropriate for persons seeking EC-Grade 6 or Grades 4-8 Initial Teacher Certification. The competencies required for this program are in the area of “Graduate Level Initial Certification.” This program is usually referred to as the Masters and Certification (MAC) program.

Admission Requirements

Students are eligible to pursue graduate-level course work in Elementary Education if they meet COE graduate admission requirements as specified in the COE’s Graduate Policies and Regulations  section of this catalog, have a bachelor’s degree, and pass the TExES Pre-Admission Content Test PACT for the desired content area of teaching. More information regarding the PACT can be found at the Educational Testing Systems (ETS) website:

Prior to full or conditional acceptance into the College of Education Graduate Program, students seeking initial certification and a Master of Science degree in Elementary Education or in Secondary Education must 1) meet all requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies and pass the desired content area TExES Pre-Admission Content Exam (PACT).  2) Complete a screening essay to be read by a faculty member of the Department of Teacher Education; and 3) Agree to and sign the Code of Ethics and Standards of the College of Education’s Educator Preparation Program before being fully, or conditionally, admitted into the program.  Certification and degree plans that involve TEA/State Board for Educator Certification rules also require approval of the Certification Officer prior to becoming certified to teach.  Students desiring to change from their initial choice of certification plan or degree plan must appy to, and be accepted by, the Program Area in which the new plan is offered.  Any course waivers within the student’s plan must be filed in the COE Certification Office.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Design instruction and assessment to promote student learning.
  • Provide examples of a positive classroom climate.
  • Determine effective, responsive instruction and assessment as teachers.
  • Articulate and fulfill professional roles and responsibilities as teachers.
  • Design and implement an action research project that utilizes knowledge of the content and pedagogy acquired in the program to inform their teaching.

Degree Requirements

Students seeking the Master of Science in Elementary Education and EC-6 or 4-8 Certification must complete all requirements for both prior to graduation.  Students must complete two semesters of Internship or one semester of Student Teaching, along with the required electives, in order to graduate.

3. Institutional Requirements and Electives (3 semester hours)

Capstone Experience

EDUC 5358 - Applied Research and Professional Writing , serves as the capstone experience for the Master of Science degree in Elementary Education. Students will be expected to conduct a formal applied research study that examines the effectiveness of teaching and learning practices, thereby demonstrating their understanding and ability to integrate program objectives and demonstrate the value of infusing inquiry into practice. The research study will be presented, both orally and in writing, following criteria specified in the course syllabus. Prerequisite: Successful completion of required courses in the specialization area and instructional methodology.

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Campus address:

Faculty Center, Room 239; Phone (361) 825-5581

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Department of Teacher Education, Unit 5818
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