Campus Facilities

Located on its own 240-acre island, the University features modern classroom buildings, support facilities, and student apartments and residence halls. Surrounded by the waters of Corpus Christi and Oso Bays, the campus is approximately ten miles from downtown Corpus Christi. Plazas, landscaping, and sculptures enhance the island campus.  The University is also developing an additional 137 acres located off of Ennis Joslin Road.

Mary and Jeff Bell Library

The Mary and Jeff Bell Library is the University’s major resource for research and study. The Library provides access to over 970,000 books, e-books, microforms, and government publications, and maintains subscriptions to more than 63,000 journals and periodicals. . The Library also has a strong media collection, with access to approximately 44,500 streaming videos, 3,200 DVDs, and 2.5 million streaming audio tracks. Over 275 online databases provide additional support for general and discipline-specific research and learning.

The Special Collections and Archives Department provides significant, unique resources for scholars. The department houses rare books and archives dealing primarily with the life, history and culture of Corpus Christi and South Texas, as well as other books and manuscripts that require special housing and handling. These materials are available to individual students, university classes, and researchers under special and appropriate conditions within the department.

The Library is also an authorized depository for federal publications. As a depository the library provides the university and general public with access to government information in many formats.

The Library actively participates in national, state, and regional networks, commercial information services, area library agreements and interlibrary loan arrangements that provide access to materials not available on the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus. Through the statewide TexShare cooperative library program, students and faculty have borrowing privileges at many other academic and public libraries in Texas.

Librarians assist individuals in locating, using, and evaluating information resources that support and enhance curriculum and research. Librarians also instruct classes in the use of information resources in specific subject areas. Librarians review resources and services regularly to ensure that both collections and services meet changing curricular needs and support the development of new academic programs.

Computing Resources

Student computing facilities at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi are part of the campus network. Computer laboratories available for student use are located in the library and several other buildings. Various types of personal computers, such as Macintosh, RISC, and PC type; full-page scanners; laser printers; and graphic stations make up the laboratory machinery. Most computer laboratories are open over 85 hours per week, and are staffed with student lab assistants who provide support in various programs. The laboratories are equipped with a wide range of software applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets, graphics programs, programming languages, and specialized software applications that support individual classes. Internet access and e-mail are available for university students either on or off campus. Wireless access is available. Remote access to the network is provided. Students receive assistance via computer help sheets, online tutorials and a helpdesk.

Student Services Center

In the round building near the center of campus, students can find the Offices of Recruitment and Admissions, Registrar, Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Business Office, and other units serving students.

Classroom Facilities

Classroom facilities are located in the Center for Instruction, Center for the Sciences, Science and Technology Building, Center for the Arts, Bay Hall, Tidal Hall, Island Hall, and the Michael and Karen O’Connor Building. Many teaching areas include state-of-the art audio-video and computer equipment.

Visual and Performing Arts Facilities

The Performing Arts Center features a 1500-seat concert hall where local, national, and international artists perform. The Center for the Arts houses the Warren Theatre (a 275 seat, continental-style auditorium), the Wilson Studio Theatre (an experimental theatre), and the Weil Gallery. Also affiliated with the University is the Art Museum of South Texas, located in downtown Corpus Christi.

University Center

The University Center provides facilities and services for students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University. The center contains student services offices, space for student organizations and student activities, food services, the bookstore and other shops, the campus post office, a branch bank and study lounges, meeting rooms, and entertainment areas.

Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science

The Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science houses research laboratories and provides research and professional development for surveyors, science education and surveying related research.

Carlos F. Truan Natural Resources Center

University programs and state agencies focusing on natural resources are housed in the Carlos F. Truan Natural Resources Center.

Dugan Wellness Center

The Dr. Jack and Susie Dugan Wellness Center includes a gymnasium, free weights, weight machines, cardiovascular exercise equipment (treadmills, elliptical trainers, steppers and bikes), multi-purpose group exercise rooms, and offices for the Recreational Sports Department and Intercollegiate Athletics Department.

Harte Research Institute

This research facility houses the endowed Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, whose mission is to support and advance the long-term sustainable use and conservation of the Gulf of Mexico.

Blanche Davis Moore Early Childhood Development Center and Math and Science Resource Center

The Blanche Davis Moore Early Childhood Development Center serves as a public school for area children and as a university teaching laboratory and research center. Children attending the school are selected from a stratified random sample. Housed adjacent to the Blanche Davis Moore Early Childhood Development Center is the Math and Science Resource Center which addresses the nation-wide shortage of math and science teachers through programs for teachers and students.