Mar 06, 2021  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Degrees

Nature and Purpose of Graduate Study

Graduate work consists of advanced study in focused or specialized programs. There are generally two components of graduate study: coursework and independent study, the latter often leading to a report, thesis, dissertation, or creative presentation. In some areas, internships, field studies, and other professional experiences may also be an integral part of the program. The proportion of each type of study varies according to the previous training of the student and the nature of the major area.

The objective of graduate study is to develop intellectual depth and to provide the specialized training necessary to a career in teaching, in research, or in the professions. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge, methods, and skills needed for scholarly teaching, original research and problem solving, intellectual leadership, creative expression, and other modes of achievement in the student’s discipline.

Graduate Degrees Granted

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi offers course work leading to the following graduate degrees:

Master’s Degrees

Accounting   MAcc
Biology   MS
Business Administration   MBA
Chemistry   MS
Coastal and Marine System Science   MS
Communication   MA
Computer Science   MS
Curriculum and Instruction   MS
Early Childhood Education   MS
Educational Administration   MS
Elementary Education   MS
English   MA
Environmental Science   MS
Family Nurse Practitioner   MSN
Fisheries & Mariculture   MS
Geospatial Systems Engineering   MS
History   MA
Instructional Design and Educational Technology   MS
Kinesiology   MS
Leadership in Nursing Systems   MSN
Marine Biology   MS
Mathematics   MS
Nurse Educator   MSN
Professional Counseling   MS
Professional School Counseling   MS
Psychology   MA
Public Administration   MPA
Reading   MS
Secondary Education   MS
Special Education   MS

Doctoral Degrees and Other Terminal Degrees

Coastal and Marine System Science   PhD
Counselor Education   PhD
Curriculum and Instruction   PhD
Educational Leadership   EdD
Geospatial Computer Science   PhD
Marine Biology   PhD
Nursing Practice   DNP
Nursing Science PhD
Studio Art   MFA

Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Certificates

Alternative Certification of Educators  

Bilingual Education

Clinical Laboratory Science

Counseling Spanish-Speaking Clients  

Educational Diagnostician

English as a Second Language

Family Nurse Practitioner Post-Masters  

Gifted and Talented

Health Care Administration  

Homeland Security  


Geographic Information Systems

Leadership in Nursing Systems Post-Masters  

Nurse Educator Post-Masters  


Reading Specialist

School Counselor