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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Technology, MS

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Program Description

This degree, oriented toward teachers and other professional educators, enables graduates to effectively apply current and emerging technologies in educational settings. Students acquire applied skills and knowledge in the following educational areas:

  1. computing hardware and software;
  2. internet-based resources;
  3. application of personal productivity computing resources in education;
  4. instructional design theory, principles, and processes;
  5. design, development, and evaluation of educational technology tools and materials;
  6. multimedia design and development.

The degree allows students to work with the faculty adviser to develop a program of study that emphasizes development of skills and knowledge in a specific aspect of educational technology. All students are required to successfully complete a Practicum.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • apply and document skills and knowledge as educational technologists in order to solve appropriate real world instructional problems.
  • develop an original plan and instructional materials for integrating educational technologies in an overall instructional strategy.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the field.

Admission Requirements

Students are eligible to pursue graduate-level course work in Educational Technology if they meet COE graduate admission requirements as specified in the COE’s Graduate Policies and Regulations  section of this catalog.

Degree Requirements

1. Prerequisites

Applicants lacking experience in education will be required to complete a 3-semester-credit-hour prerequisite course: ETEC 3310, Technology Applications for Teachers. Experience in education is defined as one or more years of full-time experience working in a school, college, training or instructional development setting in an instructional-related capacity (e.g., as a teacher, teacher’s assistant, tutor, trainer, or instructional designer). Part-time experience equivalent to one year of full-time experience will be acceptable (i.e., two years working half time).

Applicants lacking basic computer skills will be required to take COSC 1315, Computer Literacy. Applicants may demonstrate proficiency with computers by successfully completing a 3-hour, college-level computer literacy course or by passing an approved computing skills test.

4. Electives (6-9 semester hours)

  • Students working in consultation with the faculty adviser, select an additional six to nine hours of elective courses.

Comprehensive Examination

In addition to successful completion of all courses required for graduation, all students are required to pass a comprehensive written examination taken during their final semester of enrollment.

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Campus Address:

Faculty Center, Room 228; Phone (361) 825-2347

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Department of Special Services, Unit 5818
College of Education
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