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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

(Literary Studies and Curriculum Studies)

The doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction is a progressive and evidence-based program that offers students the choice of two tracks: Literacy Studies and Curriculum Studies. The 60- semester credit-hour program prepares graduates for leadership roles as professors, as researchers, and as administrators of educational programs in Texas and the nation in Texas and the nation. Required are 12 semester credit hours of core curriculum courses, 18 semester credit hours in research courses, 24 semester credit hours in the curriculum emphasis, and 6 semester credit hours allocated for the completion of the dissertation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • demonstrate a command of the field in literacy education.
  • demonstrate the ability to conduct original research.
  • demonstrate a command of the field of Curriculum and Instruction.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet all conditions for graduate admission to the College of Education, including a minimum grade point average of 3.00, as specified earlier in this catalog. Additional requirements for admission to the program are described below.

Admission requires approval by a Curriculum and Instruction admission committee. Criteria for admission include the following:

  1. a Graduate Record Examination score (taken within the last five years),
  2. a minimum of three years teaching experience
  3. a minimum of four letters of recommendation on official letterhead from people testifying to the candidate’s ability to do doctoral-level work, and
  4. official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate coursework indicating completion of a master’s degree in a relevant field from a regionally accredited University.

After an applicant’s required materials are received, an applicant will be invited for personal interviews, presentations, and a writing exercise. An admission committee will consider all qualifications, including professional and personal qualifications, in making admission decisions. The committee may admit persons with lower levels of the above indicators of academic history if (a) professional and personal qualifications are unusually strong and (b) the student demonstrates a high degree of proficiency on a writing sample administered and scored by the admission committee. For the Literacy Studies track, individuals who do not have prior graduate work in Reading/Literacy will have course requirements in addition to the 60-hour requirement. If accepted into the program, these students will be required to take up to 15 additional hours besides those already required for the curriculum emphasis in the doctoral program.

Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Curriculum and Instruction is awarded in recognition of the attainment of independent and comprehensive scholarship in the field. To qualify for the degree, the student must meet the following specific requirements.

  1. Residence: Two Three consecutive sessions (summer, fall, spring; fall, spring, summer; etc.) of 96 semester hours enrollment are required, to be completed during the course of the program. The seven year rule on recency of credit will apply.
  2. Coursework: Sixty semester hours of coursework are required, inclusive of dissertation courses. With departmental approval, up to 12 semester hours for the degree plan may be transferred from another regionally accredited University. The transfer credits must be post master’s-level graduate coursework, must be less than seven years old at the time of conferral of the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi degree, and may not have been included on degree plans for any other degree. Likewise, up to one-fourth of the credits for the degree plan may be transferred from post master’s-level work taken at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The program faculty and the Graduate Dean must approve the transfer credits. The degree requires the following:
    • 12 hours in core curriculum
    • 18 hours in research tools
    • 24 hours in Literacy emphasis, including 6 hours of electives
    • 24 hours in Curriculum Studies emphasis, including 15 hours of electives
    •  6 hours of dissertation (repeated as necessary)
  3. Candidacy/Comprehensive Examinations: Comprehensive examinations will be scheduled at such time as the student’s advisor judges that the student is ready, but not before the student has completed all the required core curriculum, specialization, reading, and research tools courses. Admission to candidacy for the degree requires passing both a written and an oral comprehensive examination.
  4. Dissertation and Final Examination: The dissertation is developed under the supervision of a dissertation advisor, who serves as chair of the dissertation committee. The committee is composed of at least four members including the chair. There will be a final oral examination that will focus on, but is not limited to, the dissertation work.

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