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    Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
  Sep 21, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Secondary/EC-12 Teacher Certification

Students seeking certification to teach in the secondary schools of Texas, or at all levels in the fields of art, music, physical education, Spanish, and theatre must: (a) major in an approved teaching field and complete all major study and related requirements for a baccalaureate degree in that field, and (b) comply with teacher certification requirements. Requirements to establish a major field of study are located within the individual college sections of the catalog.

In addition to these requirements, students seeking a certificate to teach in the secondary schools of Texas must complete:

  1. The baccalaureate degree with an academic major.
  2. The University’s General Education requirements, including the Core Curriculum Program. (See “General Education Requirements ” in the  “Undergraduate Programs ” section of this catalog; see also “University Core Curriculum Programs  .”)
  3. Three semester hours of reading; READ 3353 - Content Area Reading for Secondary Students .
  4. Either secondary or EC-12 course work (see below)
  5. A passing score on the appropriate TExES tests

Either secondary or EC-12 course work as listed below:

A. Secondary

B. EC-12